Gennyca Innova

The “GENYCA INNOVA Analysis and Genetic Diagnosis S.L.” company was set up in September 2003, focused to offer a specialized service of Molecular Genetics.

GENYCA has got an authorisation from the Comunity of Madrid as GENETIC UNIT, the first one given to a private laboratory which does not belong to a hospital. GENYCA also has got certification ISO 9001:2008. In addition, it follows the prevailing rules about Data Protection Law, or biological waste disposal.

The laboratory GENYCA INNOVA has in Majadahonda (Madrid) has 100 m2 .

The main activities of the company are molecular analysis in:

  • Genetic Diagnosis:

– Hereditary Diseases.
– Infectious Diseases.
– Neoplastic Diseases.

  • Genetic Counseling.
  • Paternity test.
  • R&D:

– Sequencing and fragment analysis
– Basic investigation.
– Own R&D

  • Training Courses about different technical aspects of molecular diagnosis, bioinformatics, or genetic counseling.


The company is equipped with the most modern technology and is in the vanguard of the methodological improvements. GENYCA owns an automatic sequencer, Real Time thermocycler, equipment for Southern Blot, several thermocyclers, electrophoresis, different hybridation procedures, etc.


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