The French leading provider of genetic expertiseWe are committed to revealing the truth. For this purpose, we offer a multidisciplinary approach as far as testing of samples or attendance at crime scenes are concerned. Through our different centres of expertise pooling our know-how, we are able to offer comprehensive services concerning your investigations.

The IGNA teams have more than 20 years of experience in determining genetic fingerprints based on biological samples or items found at crime scenes. In France, Professor Jean-Paul Moisan was the promoter of this activity and he was the first to conduct genetic profiling as part of judicial investigations.

Genetic fingerprints have since become an absolutely essential element of judicial investigations. In order to provide optimum services and to be able to meet constant growing demands, all of our services and activities have been organised by keeping in mind the permanent objective to ensure 100% traceability of our analyses in order to offer you impeccable reliability of results.
To this end, our three laboratories observe the international standards in terms of organisation.

The site in Nantes is ISO 9001 2008 certified: and it is accredited in compliance with the NF EN ISO/CEI 17025 standard(www.cofrac.fr). It is the first French laboratory being awarded an ISO 17025 certification for all the services related to nuclear genetic profiling.
Moreover, since 2006, we have transformed our Institute into a service organisation, by enlarging the range of our services..

Even if DNA testing is our core business, we are aware that, at IGNA, the samples entrusted to us may be the subject of several expertises. For a better support in revealing the truth, we have been offering for many years now a multidisciplinary approach as far as testing of samples or attendance at crime scenes are concerned: fingerprints, morphological tests of the traces of blood, analyses of the IT and electronic media. For the sake of continuity of this approach, we have been working in partnership with a ballistic office and a toxicology laboratory.

Through our services we express our wish to find more solutions in a great number of fields and to use all of our resources to take over your administrative tasks: organisation and management of the transportation of samples, prioritising sampling, training and counselling regarding the techniques available, etc.

IGNA is also able to handle great volumes ordered by government contracts, as well as to conduct elaborate tests within the shortest time frames.

Due to the sustained confidence you entrusted us with, IGNA has become, since its founding, the first French private institution in terms of the number of tests conducted. We also have the largest number of laboratories available for you.

Besides the general information, on our website, you can find in the download section all the: “Ressources Génétiques” [Genetic Resources] newsletters, as well as the purchase order templates available to help you drawing up your assignments (for all the services that we offer).

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