Who we are

Who is Europe Vietnam Partners ?

Europe Vietnam Partners is a Vietnamese Company, founded in 2010, based in Ho Chi Minh City. Europe Vietnam Partners is aware that science is the best way to contribute to a healthier Vietnamese community by raising awareness about the importance of health care and also by proposing the most modern and adequate solutions.

Since 2008, Europe Vietnam Partners has built a network of European scientists, from countries such as, France, Spain, UK and Greece. These are all experienced professionals working for renowned companies and they share an important point with Europe Vietnam Partners which is the affinity and friendship to the country and citizens of Vietnam.

The main mission of Europe Vietnam Partners is to be the bridge between the Vietnamese and the European platforms.

Europe Vietnam Partners has established a collaboration with the most important medical center in HoChiMinh city, which is MEDIC, and with a biotechnology company in Hanoi, BIOMedViet.
Our DNA testing services are:  paternity, diagnostic of genetic diseases (prenatal and postnatal), pharmacogenetics, and forensics. We also propose medical nutrition and nutritional supplements. All our analyses and products come from Europe.

Regarding our DNA analyses:

  • Sampling: saliva whenever possible on postnatal (non invasive sampling and easy logistics, as storage and transport are done at room temperature). Otherwise, blood for some analyses and amniotic fluid for prenatal testing.
  • Tests are based on international standards
  • Automated process.
  • Test results: 100% confidential.

Europe Vietnam Partners is open to all collaboration with Vietnamese scientists, hospital centers (private or public), governmental institutions (such as criminal science institutes,…) in order to move forward together and achieve the common goal, that is a healthier and prosper Vietnamese population.

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